Zhuang Research Lab

A molecularly defined and spatially resolved cell atlas of the whole mouse brain
M. Zhang, X. Pan, W. Jung, A. Halpern, S. W. Eichhorn, Z. Lei, L. Cohen, K. A. Smith, B. Tasic, Z. Yao, H. Zeng, X. Zhuang
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Molecular and spatial signatures of mouse brain aging at single cell resolution
W. E. Allen, T. R. Blosser, Z. A. Sullivan, C. Dulac, X. Zhuang
194-208 (2023)

Spatially resolved epigenomic profiling of single cells in complex tissues
T. Lu, C. E. Ang, X. Zhuang
4448-4464 (2022)

Conservation and divergence of cortical cell organization in human and mouse revealed by MERFISH
R. Fang, C. Xia, J. L. Close, M. Zhang, J. He, Z. Huang, A. R. Halpern, B. Long, J. A. Miller, E. S. Lein, X. Zhuang
56-62 (2022)

A Preoptic neuronal population controls fever and appetite during sickness
J. A. Osterhout, V. Kapoor, S. W. Eichhorn, E. Vaughn, J. D. Moore, D. Liu, D. Lee, L. A. DeNardo, L. Luo, X. Zhuang, C. Dulac
937-944 (2022)

Three-dimensional interrogation of cell types and instinctive behavior in periaqueductal gray
E. Vaughn, S. Eichhorn, W. Jung, X. Zhuang, C. Dulac
(https://doi.org/10.1101/2022.06.27.497769) (2022)

Proteomic and functional analyses of the periodic membrane skeleton in neurons
R. Zhou, B. Han, R. Nowak, Y. Lu, E. Heller, C. Xia, A. H. Chishti, V. M. Fowler, X. Zhuang
Nature Communications
3196 (2022)

Spatially resolved cell atlas of the mouse primary motor cortex by MERFISH
M. Zhang, S. W. Eichhorn, B. Zingg, Z. Yao, K. Cotter, H. Zeng, H. Dong, X. Zhuang
137-143 (2021)

A multimodal cell census and atlas of the mammalian primary motor cortex
BRAIN Initiative Cell Census Network (BICCN)
86-102 (2021)

Deep learning and alignment of spatially resolved single-cell transcriptomes with Tangram
T. Biancalani, G. Scalia, L. Buffoni, R. Avasthi, Z. Lu, A. Sanger, N. Tokcan, C. R. Vanderburg, Å. Segerstolpe, M. Zhang, I. Avraham-Davidi, S. Vickovic, M. Nitzan S. Ma, A. Subramanian, M. Lipinski, J. Buenrostro, N. B. Brown, D. Fanelli, X. Zhuang, E. Z. Macosko, A. Regev
Nature Methods
1352-1362 (2021)

Decoding molecular and cellular heterogeneity of mouse nucleus accumbens
R. Chen, T. R. Blosser, M. N. Djekidel, J. Hao, A. Bhattacherjee, W. Chen, L. M. Tuesta, X. Zhuang, Y. Zhang
Nature Neuroscience
1757-1771 (2021)

Tetra-gel enables superior accuracy in combined super-resolution imaging and expansion microscopy
H. Lee, C. -C. Yu, E. S. Boyden, X. Zhuang, P. Kosuri
Scientific Reports
16944 (2021)

CTCF mediates dosage- and sequence-context-dependent transcriptional insulation by forming local chromatin domains
H. Huang, Q. Zhu, A. Jussila, Y. Han, B. Bintu, C. Kern, M. Conte, Y. Zhang, S. Bianco, A. M. Chiariello, M. Yu, R. Hu, M. Tastemel, I. Juric, M. Hu, M. Nicodemi, X. Zhuang, B. Ren
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Interactions between cancer cells and immune cells drive transitions to mesenchymal-like states in glioblastoma
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Spatial organization of the transcriptome in individual neurons
G. Wang, C.-E. Ang, J. Fan, A. Wang, J. R. Moffitt, X. Zhuang.
(https://doi.org/10.1101/2020.12.07.414060) (2020)

A multimodal cell census and atlas of the mammalian 1 primary motor cortex
BRAIN Initiative Cell Census Network (BICCN).
(https://doi.org/10.1101/2020.10.19.343129) (2020)

Molecular, spatial and projection diversity of neurons in primary motor cortex revealed by in situ single-cell transcriptomics
M. Zhang, S. W. Eichhorn, B. Zingg, Z. Yao, H. Zeng, H. Dong, X. Zhuang
(https://doi.org/10.1101/2020.06.04.105700) (2020)

Genome-Scale Imaging of the 3D Organization and Transcriptional Activity of Chromatin
J. -H. Su, P. Zheng, S. S. Kinrot, B. Bintu, X. Zhuang
1641-1659 (2020)

m6A-binding YTHDF proteins promote stress granule formation
Y. Fu, X. Zhuang
Nature Chemical Biology
955-963 (2020)

Rotation tracking of genome-processing enzymes using DNA origami rotors
P. Kosuri, B.D. Altheimer, M. Dai, P. Yin, X. Zhuang
136-140 (2019)

Synaptic neurexin-1 assembles into dynamically regulated active zone nanoclusters
J.H. Trotter, J. Hao, S. Maxeiner, T. Tsetsenis, Z. Liu, X. Zhuang, T.C. Sudhof
218 (8)
2677-2698 (2019)

beta II-spectrin promotes mouse brain connectivity through stabilizing axonal plasma membranes and enabling axonal organelle transport
D.N. Lorenzo, A. Badea, R. Zhou, P.J. Mohler, X. Zhuang, V. Bennett
15686-15695 (2019)

Multiplexed detection of RNA using MERFISH and branched DNA amplification
C. Xia, H.P. Babcock, J.R. Moffitt, X. Zhuang
Sci Rep.
7721 (2019)

Imaging-based pooled CRISPR screening reveals regulators of lncRNA localization
C. Wang, T. Lu, G. Emanuel, H.P. Babcock, X. Zhuang
10842-10851 (2019)

Structural plasticity of actin-spectrin membrane skeleton and functional role of actin and spectrin in axon degeneration
G. Wang, D.J. Simon, Z. Wu, D.M. Belsky, E. Heller, M.K. O'Rourke, N.T. Hertz, H. Molina, G. Zhong, M. Tessier-Lavigne, X. Zhuang
e38730 (2019)

Direct observation of coordinated DNA movements on the nucleosome during chromatin remodelling
A. Sabantsev, R.F. Levendosky, X. Zhuang, G.D. Bowman, S. Deindl
Nat. Commun.
1720 (2019)

Structural maturation of cortical perineuronal nets and their perforating synapses revealed by superresolution imaging
Y.M. Sigal, H. Bae, L.J. Bogart, T.K. Hensch, X. Zhuang
7071-7076 (2019)

Microtubule-directed transport of purine metabolons drives their cytosolic transit to mitochondria
C.Y. Chan, A.M. Pedley, D. Kim, C. Xia, X. Zhuang, S.J. Benkovic
13009-13014 (2018)

Molecular, spatial and functional single-cell profiling of the hypothalamic preoptic region
J. Moffitt, D. Bambah-Mukku, S. Eichhorn, E. Vaughn, K. Shekhar, N. Rubinstein, J. Hao, A. Regev, C. Dulac, X. Zhuang
eaau5324 (2018)

Super-resolution chromatin tracing reveals domains and cooperative interactions in single cells
B. Bintu, L. Mateo, J. Su, N. Sinnott-Armstrong, M. Parker, S. Kinrot, K. Yamaya, A. Boettiger, X. Zhuang
eaau1783 (2018)

Visualizing and discovering cellular structures with super-resolution microscopy
Y.M. Sigal, R. Zhou, X. Zhuang
880-887 (2018)

High-throughput, image-based screening of pooled genetic-variant libraries
G. Emanuel, J.R. Moffitt, X. Zhuang
Nat. Methods
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In Situ Super-Resolution Imaging of Genomic DNA with OligoSTORM and OligoDNA-PAINT
B.J. Beliveau, A.N. Boettiger, G. Nir, B. Bintu, P. Yin, X. Zhuang, C.T. Wu
Methods Mol. Biol.
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The DDR at telomeres lacking intact shelterin does not require substantial chromatin decompaction
L.A. Timashev, H. Babcock, X. Zhuang, T. de Lange
Genes Dev.
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CatSper-zeta regulates the structural continuity of sperm Ca2+ signaling domains and is required for normal fertility
J. Chung, K. Miki, D. Kim, S. Shim, H.F. Shi, J.Y. Hwang, X. Cai, Y. Iseri, X. Zhuang, D.E. Clapham
e23082 (2017)

High-performance multiplexed fluorescence in situ hybridization in culture and tissue with matrix imprinting and clearing
J.R. Moffitt, J. Hao, D. Bambah-Mukkua, T. Lu, C. Dulac, X. Zhuang
14456 (2016)

High-throughput single-cell gene-expression profiling with multiplexed error-robust fluorescence in situ hybridization
J.R. Moffitt, J. Hao, G. Wang, K.H. Chen, H.P. Babcock, X. Zhuang
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Spatial organization of chromatin domains and compartments in single chromosomes
S. Wang, J.H. Su, B.J. Beliveau, J.R. Moffitt, C.T. Wu, X. Zhuang
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An RNA-aptamer-based two-color CRISPR labeling system
S. Wang, J.H. Su, F. Zhang, X. Zhuang
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Spatial organization shapes the turnover of a bacterial transcriptome
J.R. Moffitt, S. Pandey, A.N. Boettiger, S. Wang, X. Zhuang
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Prevalent presence of periodic actin-spectrin-based membrane skeleton in a broad range of neuronal cell types and animal species
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Real-Time Imaging of Translation on Single mRNA Transcripts in Live Cells
C. Wang, B. Han, R. Zhou, X. Zhuang
990-1001 (2016)

Spatial colocalization and functional link of purinosomes with mitochondria
J.B. French, S.A. Jones, H. Deng, A.M. Pedley, D. Kim, C.Y. Chan, H. Hu, R.J. Pugh, H. Zhao, Y. Zhang, T.J. Huang, Y. Fang, X. Zhuang, S.J. Benkovic
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Stepwise nucleosome translocation by RSC remodeling complexes
B.T. Harada, W.L. Hwang, S. Deindl, N. Chatterjee, B. Bartholomew, X. Zhuang
e10051 (2016)

Super-resolution imaging reveals distinct chromatin folding for different epigenetic states
A.N. Boettiger, B. Bintu, J.R. Moffitt, S. Wang, B.J. Beliveau, G. Fudenberg, M. Imakaev, L.A. Mirny, C.T. Wu, X. Zhuang
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Chromatin topology is coupled to Polycomb group protein subnuclear organization
A.H. Wani, A.N. Boettiger, P. Schorderet, A. Ergun, C. Muenger, R.I. Sadreyev, X. Zhuang, R.E. Kingston, N.J. Francis
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Mapping Synaptic Input Fields of Neurons with Super-Resolution Imaging
Y.M. Sigal, C.M. Speer, H.P. Babcock, X. Zhuang
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Spatially resolved, highly multiplexed RNA profiling in single cells
K.H. Chen, A.N. Boettiger, J.R. Moffitt, S. Wang, X. Zhuang
aaa6090 (2015)

High-performance probes for light and electron microscopy
S. Viswanathan, M.E. Williams, E.B. Bloss, T.J. Stasevich, C.M. Speer, A. Nern, B.D. Pfeiffer, B.M. Hooks, W-P. Li, B.P. English, T. Tian, G.L. Henry, J.J. Macklin, R. Patel, C.R. Gerfen, X. Zhuang, Y. Wang, G.M. Rubin, L.L. Looger
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Single-molecule super-resolution imaging of chromosomes and in situ haplotype visualization using Oligopaint FISH probes
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Correlative Stochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy and Electron Microscopy
D. Kim, T.J. Deerinck, Y.M. Sigal, H.P. Babcock, M.H. Ellisman, X. Zhuang
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Purinosome formation as a function of the cell cycle
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Developmental mechanism of the periodic membrane skeleton in axons
G. Zhong, J. He, R. Zhou, D. Lorenzo, H.P. Babcock, V. Bennett, X. Zhuang
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A model for the generation and interconversion of ER morphologies
T. Shemesh, R.W. Klemm, F.B. Romano, S. Wang, J.C. Vaughan, X. Zhuang, H. Tukachinsky, M.M. Kozlov, T.A. Rapoport
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A PIK3C3-Ankryin-B-Dynactin pathway promotes axonal growth and multiorganelle transport
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Histone H4 tail mediates allosteric regulation of nucleosome remodelling by linker DNA
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Postsynaptic actin regulates active zone spacing and glutamate receptor apposition at the Drosophila neuromuscular junction
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Structurally distinct Ca2+ signaling domains of sperm flagella orchestrate tyrosine phosphorylation and motility
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Isotropic three-dimensional super-resolution imaging with a self-bending point spread function
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Monovalent engagement of the BCR activates ovalbumin-specific transnuclear B cells
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ISWI remodelers slide nucleosomes with coordinated multi-base-pair entry steps and single-base-pair exit steps
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Nucleosome mobilization by ISW2 requires the concerted action of the ATPase and SLIDE domains
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3D Multicolor Super-Resolution Imaging Offers Improved Accuracy in Neuron Tracing
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Coupled, Circumferential Motions of the Cell Wall Synthesis Machinery and MreB Filaments in B. subtilis
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